Project REALTOR® Restore is a unique program designed to bring together REALTORS®, local public works entities, police, churches, school organizations, civic groups, and private volunteers to improve the quality of life with little or no costs. The program design is simple and effective.

Most communities, large and small, have areas in need of some improvement. Sometimes it is as simple as cleaning a city park area, but can be as labor intensive as cleaning several city blocks. REALTORS® have always been leaders in their communities and this program is designed to bring about lasting change and restore peace and safety to areas experiencing decline.

Our Mission

The Arkansas REALTORS® Association, through the local Boards, will collaborate with municipalities across the state to help ensure a safe and clean living environment for those living in areas of cities and towns experiencing decline or blight.

REALTORS® across Arkansas will use their networking capabilities to recruit volunteers to participate in local clean-up efforts on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis in their communities. By acting as community coordinators for those projects, Arkansas REALTORS® will assume the leadership role and help guide their communities through labor intensive projects with minimal costs to the citizens and great rewards to participants and to those living in designated clean-up areas.