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REALTORS® are different from other real estate licensees in that they pledge to abide by a strict code of professional conduct above and beyond the licensing laws of the state. This conduct is outlined in the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics. If you, as a member of the public or as a REALTOR®, feel like any part of the Code has been violated by a REALTOR®, you are entitled to file a complaint. The REALTORS® Code of Ethics is comprised of seventeen Articles. The Articles are explained through accompanying Standards of Practice.

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Arbitration Requests

REALTOR® Members agree to submit to arbitration for contractual and specific non-contractual disputes as defined in Standards of Practice 17-4 of the Code of Ethics, including entitlement to commission and compensation in cooperative transactions that arise of out of the business relationships between REALTORS® and between REALTORS® and their clients and customers. The Arkansas REALTORS® Association has adopted a Mediate before Arbitrate policy which means that all commission disputes will be subject to mediation prior to being decided by a hearing panel. In mediation, a neutral, third party helps those in conflict define issues, explore solutions and reach practical, workable, and mutually satisfactory agreements. Mediation seeks to prevent conflicts from escalating, saving everyone involved the time of going through a hearing or potentially to court.

You must contact the Arkansas REALTORS® Association to pay a $250 filing fee which is returned if mediation is successful or if the arbitration is decided in your favor. You will receive additional information on mediation once the arbitration request is filed and the fee is paid.

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