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Simplicity is the “key” to your business

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Blaklee Ramsey
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In today’s modern world, it is so easy to get overwhelmed. It seems there is always a notification, always a text, always a call that needs our attention or something that we need to make a decision about. Decision fatigue is something that is easy to get lost in, in our high-tech world. It seems that especially as a REALTOR®, we are constantly inundated with a plethora of options to increase our network, expand our reach on social media, organize our business, maintain our clientele, and grow our business.

Through all of the noise, it is important that we find a way to grow our business while also sustaining our sanity. If we go all in with the core skills and practices that will help us elevate our professional lives, we can scale our real estate sales in an effective and efficient manner. There are many ways to simplify your business, but let’s start with a simple list of action items that we can start implementing today.

  1. Use a planner

This can be a digital planner, a paper planner, a legal pad, or anything in between. Do not feel pressured to follow the “trends” and switch your organization platform every time something new comes out. A simple sheet of paper, when utilized consistently over time, can bring a whole new depth to your business. “Brain dump” often, getting everything out of your brain and onto paper, and then organizing your action items. Be sure not to overwhelm yourself with daily tasks. We only have a finite amount of attention every day, so make sure that you are working on important tasks that move the needle.

  1. Keep your workspace tidy

This includes your email, texts, and calls. Being surrounded by clutter, both digital and physical, will give you the feeling that you constantly “have something to do”. Have a shutdown routine at the end of the day. A sample of this would be: cleaning out your texts, cleaning out your email, making an action list for the next day, and throwing away any trash in your workspace. Doing this consistently over time will lead to big results in your mental clarity and your workspace efficiency.

  1. Plan ahead

There is nothing worse than remembering you have to do something at the last minute. By looking at your calendar a week or more in advance, you can ensure that your schedule is not thrown off track by being forced to scramble to complete things. A wonderful practice for this is to pencil in some time on Friday afternoon to plan your week ahead. Friday is a great day to do this, because at that point you know what tasks you will carry over to the following week, and you also know what is to come.

These three small habits may seem insignificant, but doing the simple things consistently over time will have a huge impact in your business over time.